Solar Attic Ventilation Fans

It is important to have adequate ventilation within the attic, and while attic areas might not require as many air changes per hour as the bathroom or kitchen, they still need to be properly ventilated. One type of ventilation system that can help to keep your attic well ventilated at all times is the solar ventilation fan. Good solar attic ventilation fans are usually more expensive than those powered by electricity, but the investment is well worth it considering how your electricity bill will be lowered over time.

A guide to solar attic ventilation fans

Solar attic ventilation fans perform quite efficiently and can easily be installed in your roof. They are often installed in a window area or a new section can be built for these fans specifically. Solar attic ventilation fans are equipped with a photovolataic panel that powers the fan motor directly or indirectly through a battery system. Many modern solar attic ventilation fans are equipped with special panels that can absorb UV light even when the sky is overcast, so you should not have much trouble receiving environmentally friendly solar energy to power your ventilation system.

The price of solar attic ventilation fans

There is little doubt that solar attic ventilation fans are among the most expensive that are sold on the market. However, their higher price is typically made up for over time since they do not require electricity. This means that investing in solar attic ventilation fans could prove to be better for your budget in the long run. The typical price for a good ventilation fan powered by solar energy lies between 400-600 USD, but there are smaller models referred to as solar roof vents that are a lot less expensive, ranging anywhere from 30-100 USD. Keep in mind that it might be necessary to install more than one of these smaller vents to provide your attic with the right amount of ventilation.

Different solar attic ventilation fans

3 different solar attic ventilation fans

Sundance Solar and CTD Solatron have decent stainless steel solar vent designs that are sold at a price below 100 USD. These would make a good option for homeowners who are not prepared to invest a considerable amount of money in a larger ventilation system at this current point in time. It might be necessary to purchase several of these solar vents to provide your attic with enough ventilation, particularly if you happen to own a very large attic.

Solavue designs and manufactures a range of solar powered attic fans known as The Sunrise. these fans are comprehensive, durable, and powerful enough to provide more than enough air circulation even in very large attics. They feature special photovoltaic receptors that can capture UV light even on overcast days, making them highly efficient fans. Some models sell at over 400 USD while others can cost as much as 600 USD. However, it is important to recognize that the higher price will eventually be offset by lower electricity bills.

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