Greenhouse Ventilation Fans

For those who enjoy growing fruits and vegetables or simple growing a variety of plants as a personal hobby, greenhouses provide multiple benefits. However, since greenhouses are enclosed spaces, ventilation will not be received from the outside. As such, it is up to you to install a good ventilation system that will ensure plenty of fresh air is pumped back and forth from the outside. Good ventilation will help your plants to growth health and strong, and it is a prerequisite for any successful attempt at growing plants within a greenhouse.

Figuring out what type of greenhouse ventilation fans to purchase

This is an area where some greenhouse owners have trouble in. In order to ventilate a greenhouse area properly, you will need to determine the CFM requirements for the size of your greenhouse. The larger your greenhouse is, the more total CFM your ventilation system will need to ensure that the area is receiving enough ventilation. Good ventilation is easy to get when you know just how much CFM your fans should be supplying, and there are a variety of simple ways to determine CFM (you can find a variety of online calculators to accomplish this).

Different types of greenhouse fans

Important points to remember regarding greenhouse ventilation fans

You should remember that the ventilation requirements for plants might vary throughout the season. While plenty of air blowing against plants might be beneficial to lower temperature during the summer months, cold air can produce a shock effect that can be detrimental to the health of your plants. As such, it would be useful to find greenhouse ventilation fans that operate with a speed switch that enables you to lower the CFM of your fan whenever necessary.

You might also want to consider taking your time to research different manufacturers of greenhouse ventilation fans carefully. It is important to find a very high quality design that will provide good circulation. Ventilation is essential to the health of your plants in the long term, so taking the extra time to find good greenhouse ventilation fans can make the difference between success and failure.

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