Ductless Ventilation Fans

In some buildings, for some reason or another, it is impossible to build a duct system. In these rare situations, bathroom ventilation can be accomplished with ductless ventilation fans. It is also possible to ventilate other areas of the household with ductless ventilation fans, but there are a variety of points to keep in mind before you attempt to ventilate any area with ductless ventilation fans. This is arguably the least effective way to ventilate a household area, although it is still possible provided all the right steps are followed.

The problem with ductless ventilation fans

As you are likely aware, without an exhaust system, it can be quite difficult to eliminate moisture buildup within a particular area. While the air flow might help a little with keeping the area fresh and dry, over time ductless ventilation fans are quite ineffective at solving the problem of mold accumulation or structural rot. If you have no other recourse but to use ductless ventilation fans, then you should try to ensure that the air can be exhausted in some other way. Perhaps having a window open or figuring out a way to channel air through to another room where ducts exist could help with the elimination of excess humidity.

Prices for ductless ventilation fans

If there is a benefit to ductless ventilation fans it is that they are a lot cheaper than any other type of home ventilation fan. You can find them for as little as USD 25, which really is not much to pay for the benefit of air flow to keep air in circulation. However, it is typically not advised to use ductless ventilation fans in the bathroom or in larger home areas. You might want to use them for primarily dry areas of your home such as the basement, closet space, or crawl space. If those areas are already dry, then you should not have too many problems of the type commonly caused by a build up of humidity.

Manufacturers of ductless ventilation fans

NuTone has an extensive range of ductless ventilation fans available for purchase, and a quick look through this manufacturer's catalog should land you with plenty of options. Craftmade and Soleus are two other manufacturers that have designed good ductless ventilation fans. While they are not the most preferred type of fan, popular manufacturers of various ventilation fans have nonetheless chosen to design a range of decent ductless ventilation fans for home use.

Final notes on ductless ventilation fans

Remember, if you must use ductless ventilation fans, try to make sure that you incorporate some type of exhaust system into your ventilation framework. A ductless fan can be used to blow area from one room to another, and then a ventilation fan built into a duct system located in the second room could exhaust the air blown out from the first room. While these fans are certainly not the most convenient ones available, they are certainly useful in situations where there are no other alternatives available.

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