Electric Ventilation Fans

Electric ventilation fans are undoubtedly the most commonly used types of ventilation fans that can be found in the world today. While solar ventilation fans and wind-powered ventilation fans are gaining popularity as people attempt to engage in more environmentally friendly practices, electric ventilation fans still claim the top position. There are a broad range of electrically powered ventilation fans that can be purchased, and these fans are designed for different rooms and various settings. The three main types of electric ventilation fans are industrial, commercial, and residential.

Industrial electric ventilation fans

These fans are typically required for areas where a lot of painting, welding, and abrasive work is being done. Any room or building space where a considerable amount of toxic air is released will make use of powerful industrial electric ventilation fans to rapidly exhaust contaminated air. This will help to keep employees in industrial areas safe, and is required by law. Industrial electric ventilation fans tend to be the most powerful available on the market, ranging up to 50,000 CFM in potency.

Commercial electric ventilation fans

While typically not as powerful as industrial level electric ventilation fans, these still need to be strong enough in some cases to provide ventilation throughout large areas like offices or grocery stores. Sometimes commercial electric ventilation fans rely on a centrifugal system that releases and exhausts air throughout multiple vent points in the commercial establishment. Bathroom ventilation fans and kitchen ventilation fans of the smaller variety might also be found within a commercial ventilation framework.

Residential electric ventilation fans

These are the fans that most people will end up purchasing at some point or another. Sometimes the fans located in the bathroom, kitchen, crawlspace, or attic will break down, and when this happens it is important to find replacement fans quickly. Most homeowners simply choose to purchase replacement fans of the same make and model that was used previously, while others prefer to completely rearrange the ventilation system of their homes. Fans for residential use include:

Crawl space ventilation fans

There are a broad range of electric fan manufacturers including but not limited to Broan, Panasonic, NuTone, AirKing, Industrial Air Control, and many others. Finding the right type of electric ventilation fans for your home is often a matter of taking the time to do the research. Learning more about the ventilation requirements for different rooms can help you to make up your mind about which fans to purchase.

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