Industrial Ventilation Fans

Within industrial buildings, the need for fresh air is very important. However, while smaller household rooms or office areas might do well with several strategically placed low-CFM fans, industrial areas often require ventilation that is stronger. Industrial ventilation fans often serve the purpose of exhausting noxious air from worker environments while simultaneously replacing it with fresh air, and as such these fans need to have a much higher CFM than regular ventilation fans for commercial or residential use. If you find yourself in need of some new industrial fans, a basic understanding of what to expect from these devices can help you to choose the right ventilation system.

Types of industrial ventilation fans

The most common type of industrial ventilation fans that are seen throughout the world are wall fans or panel fans. These fans are typically mounted into the wall at specific areas where there is a high risk of noxious air contamination, and will perform well to remove that air from the immediate surroundings and replace it with fresh air. Most industrial ventilation fans on the market these days have a very high CFM, ranging up to 51,000. The fan strength you choose should be based on the type of work that is being done in the area where noxious air exhaustion is required. Other industrial ventilation fans that are used include axial fans and centrifugal blowers.

Situations where you might need industrial ventilation fans

Choosing the right industrial ventilation fans

Finding a good ventilation system for any industrial area in particular is not too difficult when you know the CFM requirements for the size of your industrial space. Additionally, reading reviews or asking for information from others who use industrial ventilation fans can help you to find fans that will be perfectly suitable for your own industrial purposes. There are plenty of good fans out there, and the ones designed by well known manufacturers will likely be a few steps ahead of the rest in terms of overall functionality and long term performance. There is no reason to settle for lower quality fans, as the purchase of industrial ventilation fans is an investment in the health of your employees.

Good companies offering high quality industrial ventilation fans

Air Control Industries and Cincinnati Fan & Ventilator Company are two good references for industrial fan manufacturers. If you look at some of the different industrial ventilation fans offered by these companies, you will find everything that you need to build a comprehensive ventilation system that will work efficiently in your building. Some of the best industrial ventilation fans in the world are sold at higher prices than the average, and will ultimately depend on the kind of industrial fan you are looking for (ceiling fans, wall fans, axial fans, etc.). Finally, when it comes to installation, in many cases it will be easier to have a professional install these fan systems.

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