Garage Ventilation Fans

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to use their garages for purposes other than parking their vehicles. Some people like to build gyms or play areas in their garages, as there is often a lot of extra space that might not be available elsewhere. One of the major issues that you must consider if you have a heavily insulated garage that does not receive fresh air is adequate ventilation. A good way to fix the problem of poor ventilation would be to install some good garage ventilation fans that can easily exhaust stale or noxious air into the outdoors.

Why you need garage ventilation fans

Parking your vehicle within a garage means that there is going to be some risk of air contamination. The most notable air contaminant that you will have to deal with in your garage is carbon monoxide, but there areĀ  plenty of other chemicals and pollutants released from your vehicles exhaust system as well. While you might be able to do fine without garage ventilation fans if you do not use your garage for anything other than parking, it is always a good idea to keep the area clean and fresh.

Types of garage ventilation fans

If your garage is very large, then you will probably want to have garage ventilation fans of high potency installed. The power of a fan is typically measured in cubic feet per minute. This number represents the amount of cubic feet of air that your fan will be able to move every minute. Another important figure to keep in mind is ACH, which stands for air changes per hour. The larger your garage, and the higher the level of contaminants released into the air on a regular basis, the more air changes per hour your garage will need.

Choosing garage ventilation fans

A good place to start with garage ventilation fans would be with the purchase of a smaller industrial type fan. Axial fans and wall fans designed for industrial use typically have a very high CFM, and they will be perfectly capable of exhausting the fumes caused by your car's exhaust pipe within a matter of minutes. Another option would be to work a regular room ventilation fan (or more than one) into your garage and have the air exhausted through your homes duct system (either through the roof cap or through soffit vents on the outside of your property.

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Installation of garage ventilation fans

If you do not have a ventilation system already installed in your garage, then it is likely best for you to hire a professional to do the job of installing garage ventilation fans for you. It can be a lengthy project to have to hook up an entirely new ventilation system to the duct work in your home. If you do choose to do it on your own make sure to take the time to read instructional manuals and familiarize yourself with the tools that will be needed to install garage ventilation fans the right way.

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