Small Ventilation Fans

Smaller rooms and crawl spaces do not require high CFM ventilation fans, and small ventilation fans should be able to provide more than enough ventilation to satisfy the ACH requirements of these areas. There are notable advantages to using small ventilation fans for small rooms over installing larger and more powerful ones. One of the major benefits is that you can save money on electricity, and the cost of the smaller fan is often a lot lower than the price charged for larger and more powerful fans to begin with.

The basics of small ventilation fans

Small ventilation fans are a lot less expensive than larger ones, but that does not mean that they will not work efficiently or will not be able to provide your smaller rooms with enough ventilation. Even major brands like Panasonic and Broan sell their smaller ventilation fans for between 25-50 USD, so it is a reasonably small investment to make for providing these smaller household rooms with all of the ventilation they might be needing. Small ventilation fans can be hooked up to an existing ventilation duct, or you can build a new duct system to ventilate the smaller rooms in your home.

CFM for small ventilation fans

Small spaces do not typically require more than 3 or 4 air changes per hour. A small fan delivering an output of 70 or less cubic feet per minute should be more than enough to satisfy the ventilation demands of these smaller spaces. The benefit of using just as much ventilation as required is that you can save money on your electricity bill and still ensure that clean and fresh air is pumped into these smaller areas on a regular basis.

Manufacturers of small ventilation fans

Delta Breeze and Global Industrial design a range of very small electric ventilation fans that can be installed easily in just about any vent. Other manufacturers of small ventilation fans include the well known Panasonic range and Broan also manufactures an attractive line of small and easy to install ventilation fans for home use. Keep in mind that while prices for the majority of these fans might be low, special features and add-ons can raise price significantly.

Some small ventilation fans are equipped with lights and humidity sensors, and even though these fans might have a very low CFM, they can be just as expensive as regular sized fans simply because of the unique features. The fan's manufacturer will also have an effect on total fan price. Top brand names typically charge more for their products even if the technology and central components of their devices are identical to a brand with lesser status. At the same time, choosing a popular manufacturer is a way of avoiding risks associated with the purchase of no name fan brands that might not work as efficiently in the long run.

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