Room Ventilation Fans

When it comes to keeping a room well ventilated, there are a number of systems that can be used with various measures of success. Many people rely on air conditioning for room ventilation, but the problem with air conditioning is that it is likely the most expensive in terms of electricity expenditure. There are other more cost-effective and energy efficient ways to ventilate a room, and the majority of these are fairly simple to install on your own.

Different types of room ventilation fans

Room ventilation fans - ACH and CFM

ACH refers to the number of air changes per hour required to keep a particular space properly ventilated, while CFM is the measurement of how many cubic feet your room ventilation fans can displace per minute. A more powerful fan will have a higher CFM. A regular sized bathroom can usually be ventilated adequately with a 100+ CFM fan, and regular bedrooms in the house can be ventilated with even lower CFM fans. The recommended air changes per hour for bathrooms is 8, and for kitchens it is 15. Bedrooms and other areas where high humidity levels are not much of a problem need only 5 air changes per hour, so a small room ventilation fan should prove to be sufficient.

Choosing room ventilation fans for purchase

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