Roof Ventilation Fans

Having the right roof ventilation fans installed for your attic can often mean the difference between cool air and blazing heat during the summer months. If your attic is of the type that tends to get quite hot during the summer, then chances are you will be needing a good ventilation system to help keep air at a tolerable temperature. With air temperature at lower than usual, you can also help to prevent damage to your roof that could appear as a result of too much heat.

Different types of roof ventilation fans

There are a wide variety of roof ventilation fans available for purchase, but some are a lot better than others. Actually, some roof ventilation fans are actually ineffective at keeping attic temperatures low, so it is really important to take your time and consider the different options. Some of the different roof ventilation fans available include:

Choosing the right type of roof ventilation fans for your home will depend on a number of factors. If you want to ensure that the temperature in your roof can be lowered, you will need to use a powerful roof ventilation fan capable of moving many cubic feet per minute. You might even want to consider purchasing more than one of these roof ventilation fans, just to ensure that a lot of air is moved up in the attic.

Problems with roof ventilation fans

One of the problems that you might encounter with roof ventilation fans is that they can suck colder air from the lower areas of your home into the outside. This could cause the rest of your home to actually lower in temperature while the attic air temperature would actually only lower a little bit. To avoid this, you should have a variety of soffit air ducts built so that the appetite of your large fans can be satisfied with the air that is getting into your attic from the outside. In addition to having a lot of open air space in the attic, you should also make sure that your roof is thoroughly insulated.

Buying roof ventilation fans

With so many roof ventilation fans available for purchase, some homeowners run into a bit of trouble when it comes to selecting the best one for their attic or roof area. Each type of roof ventilation fan comes with its own set of benefits, so learning a bit more can help you to decide which one is best for your own home. Solar powered ventilation fans are great but they can be quite expensive as an initial investment (even thought the cost will be offset with lower electricity bills). Electric ventilation fans are easier to power than some solar fans, but they can also use up a lot of electricity. This is why it is important to weight the benefits and disadvantages of each fan type against each other before choosing a specific one.

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