Centrifugal Ventilation Fans

Centrifugal ventilation fans are different from axial fans (the type most commonly used for air temperature control). These fans are great for moving high air pressure gases and are thus great fans for industrial air control and pollution control. Some homes make use of centrifugal fans as well, as they are very powerful and efficient at moving large quantities of air. Most centrifugal fans will exhaust air through the roof cap of the building, and are often angled in a way that prevents contaminated air and gas from damaging or getting stuck to the roof exterior.

Home applications for centrifugal ventilation fans

One of the places in your home that could very well make use of a good centrifugal ventilation fan is the kitchen. Kitchens have a very high requirement for air changes per hour, and as such they need a strong fan to exhaust all of the humidity, oily gases, and other byproducts of cooking food. Centrifugal ventilation fans are great for exhausting contaminated air and other gases up from the kitchen and out through an exhaust shaft built into the roof. For home use, centrifugal ventilation fans are used most commonly ion the kitchen.

Industrial uses for centrifugal ventilation fans

Anywhere where a large amount of noxious gas or contaminated air is produced, there exists an immediate danger for those who inhale that air or gas. It is important to direct all of this contaminated air away from industrial workplaces as quickly as possible, and the best way to do this is often with high pressure centrifugal ventilation fans that quickly suck all that air up and out through the roof cap. A variety of centrifugal ventilation fans installed in strategic areas of your industrial area could drastically improve the ventilation of those areas and make them a lot safer for you and your employees as a result. Work spaces that could benefit from high grade centrifugal ventilation fans include:

Buying centrifugal fans

Because they are highly effective, centrifugal ventilation fans tend to be among the more expensive fans out there. They tend to have a high CFM rating, ranging from 3,000 to 7,000, although they can be far more powerful than that if they need to. If you need to buy a good centrifugal fan or a variety of them, it would be advisable to research different manufacturers thoroughly, as you will likely be making a considerable investment.

Greenheck is a leading manufacturer of various industrial grade centrifugal ventilation fans, and they offer a large range of fans available in different CFM ratings. There are many other manufacturers that sell good centrifugal ventilation fans too. Just remember to approach the purchase of a new centrifugal fan carefully, whether you need a fan for home use for for purposes related to an industrial setting.

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