Shower Ventilation Fans

Proper bathroom ventilation is very important, and the bathroom area is the one area of the home where ventilation is considered to be the most important. While stale air is unpleasant in the bedroom and attic, it is still considered to be tolerable in most cases. The same cannot be said for the bathroom, as without adequate ventilation there would be consistent problems with mold growth and unpleasant odors. As such, it is important to have good shower ventilation fans in place to absorb and exhaust excess humid or bad-smelling air.

Types of shower ventilation fans

Manufacturers of shower ventilation fans

It is very important to keep the shower area well ventilated at all times, because a build up of humidity could easily lead to mold growth. Some types of mold growth are actually toxic to human health, and this is one of the reasons why thorough shower ventilation is important. Of the broad range of manufacturers that design shower ventilation fans, the most prominent include Broan, NuTone, AirKing, and Panasonic.

Key features to look for in shower ventilation fans

Fans that have a built in humidity sensor are another major favorite for homeowners looking to equip their shower spaces with top of the line shower ventilation fans. A humidity sensor can help you to avoid energy expenditure by switching the fan on automatically only when humidity levels are high. That way you would not only be economizing, but helping to keep things environmentally friendly.

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